Sunday, February 22, 2009

Winter riding

I've been doing the Morgantown Baker's Ridge rides this year to get myself ready for the season. It's a few hours of good effort but it's also just a fun ride. I have fun on the trails though with the nasty wind storm we had a few weeks ago, the trails have alot more trees down on them. It does make for a bit tougher time but you just have to deal with it. I like the off-road in this weather. You can work as hard as you want, even break a good sweat and not get nasty cold because your speed doesn't go up that much. It's a good break from the hard training regimented days where you go out with a plan that you are going to do this and that to get ready for the Tour de big race. I'm carrying a few more pounds than I'd like to be but it's coming down finally and I might actually be able to make some headway on it this year and get back towards my race weight which I've been over by around 20lbs for the past how many years. If I could even get half way, I'd be competitive in most any race I'd enter this year. It's tough hauling around what amounts to a couple gallons of milk around, especially when the road goes up. I really gotta put the donuts down and get to the matter at hand finally.

Note the wool gloves. These are the best things to have in this weather. Wet, dry, whatever, your hands still stay warm.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tits on a bull!

I had a decent ride today right up until the last 3 miles. I was riding through the industrial park near the house and some little bastard decided it would be funny to launch a pop bottle at me. It hit square in the back and after the initial rage that blasted through my mind, I quickly made a note of the make, model and as much of the license plate as I could get. I even got a good look at the little prick who could have been the only one who threw the bottle since he was hanging out the window and yelling like an idiot. Immediately stopping afterwards, I made the call to our wonderful PA State Police. After relaying what info I had, I was informed that there really wasn't anything they could do since I didn't get the complete license plate. Wait, STOP, hold the damn phone. We, the taxpayers of this state, give you people a big ass computer that has a copy of the auto registration files and with the info I gave you, you can't do a quick cross reference on the damn thing? Between, the info I had and location of the incident, I think I would've been able to nail this down to 1 or 2 car owners at which point you can find which of these people have a licensed driver of a young age that fit the age of the driver and there's your freaking car, dammit. Nope, that was more effort than they were willing to do. Did they miss the computer class on cross referencing data tables? Jeeezus, I know high school kids who can figure that one out. Of course, I am talking about the same State Police force who took 2 years to finally bust the chain of oriental massage parlors that were really prostitution rings. Everyone knew that was what was happening. It doesn't take 2 years to get evidence on this. I can see it now, 'Sarge, can I have some petty cash? I need to go collect some more "evidence" on those massage parlors.' So from my several experiences with our police force, it's been my experience that they can't deal with assault cases when I'm on my bike, deal with destruction of property and dumping issues when the culprit is well known and documented, property encroachments and theft from said property. Now they also want to start billing communities who don't have their own police force $100 a head per year. Goddammit, if anyone is going to have to pay for it, then these people better damn well remember that they are here to 'PROTECT AND SERVE' the community. They only seem to be interested in catching traffic violators(of which they are some of the worst, one having almost hitting me when he blew through a stop sign at the bottom of my hill when I was coming down) and doing DUI checkpoints. If they have to do any actual 'WORK' or deal with people who actually might shoot back, WTF are they? Not anywhere close. The only time I saw that was at a standoff and then they showed up with an armored car and full cami gear. This was their "Special Response Unit". I don't know about anyone else, but I'm getting a bit on the concerned side when the State Police has a "Special Response Unit" equipped like this. When did they become a freakin military unit? For the regular law-abiding citizens of the state, this force has become in my eyes exactly what the title of this post is. And we all know what is said about them.